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Put simply, people want what we've got.

Before the economic crisis hit, network marketing was a $117 billion industry worldwide. Within a few years, as the rest of the economy struggled to recover, it jumped to $153 billion. Does some of that have your name on it?

A Plan For Growth

Life-changing products are only half the story. We built a plan that matched that same standard of excellence, something powerful, balanced and sustainable. We allow you to build immediate cash flow and lifelong residual income. We reward people equally. And our plan is designed to pay you for a lifetime. Whether the products or business drew you here, New Earth was built with you in mind.

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The Bottom Line

Our business plan is an engine for financial growth. It's not just about having more money; it's about having more life. We want you to grow as a person. So build your future and have fun doing it. Travel to exotic locales. Work and play with a remarkable community of like-minded people.


Start Earning Today!

If you've been looking for a way to be part of a community of innovators, to have a powerful impact on the world around you and create financial freedom while doing it, we have two words for you:

Welcome Home.


Success Stories

Donia Al Alawi
Donia Al Alawi
Independent Associate

"I'm a graduate of the University of Washington. When I went back to school for another degree, my late husband encouraged me to start a home-based business. I did exactly that!

The greatest skill I have developed is falling in love with doing research. I learned early on that health and nutrition are subjects I love to learn about. I had multiple health challenges and was motivated to find out how to fix my body (and did!).

I turned my hobby of researching health and nutrition into a business specializing in the distribution of natural and organic whole food products from New Earth.

Research proves natural products are far better for the body than synthetics or processed foods. I started writing articles with health information for a group in the several thousands. I'm also a lecturer on the same subjects and have recorded videos on the topic of healing with whole foods.

In short, I'm an educated health nut. My business encourages me to continue researching health and nutrition and passing on that information. It's allowed me to make a positive difference in peoples' lives. I receive thank you messages from all over the world! They have been impacted positively by eating a whole food diet and taking New Earth supplements. It gives me the greatest pleasure and emotional gratification and encourages me to keep going."

Barbara Swanson
Barbara Swanson
Independent Associate

Barbara often travels to speak as a professional business coach and nutritional consultant.

She recently published Beyond Foods: The Handbook of Functional Nutrition about how nutrition creates health. It won the Bronze medal at the national ELit awards for excellence in the health genre and is being republished.

A little about her New Earth story, in her own words:

"New Earth has changed the course of my life in ways my entire family has benefitted from. I have opportunities to travel with a career most only dream of. I've stepped into a leadership role that's changed my entire being. And at nearly 60 years of age, I am stronger, clearer and have more energy and focus than ever.

Best of all, I make my living by continually giving back to those who are most important to me—my family and the New Earth network (also my family)."

Bonnie Weaver
Bonnie Weaver
Independent Associate

"I went to school for Exercise Science at Bloomsburg University, then to Florida for an internship in sports medicine in 1991; thus began my 23-year career in fitness and nutrition. As a certified nutrition specialist and herbalist, I opened several nutrition programs in South Florida. I teach nutrition as a way of life: whether it's for athletic performance, weight loss or battling disease, being healthy begins with nutrition.

For the last 15 years, I have expanded my focus towards athletic performance, biomechanics and corrective exercise. I'm building a foundation with my athletes, helping correct imbalances that lead to decreased performance and injury. I work with athletes of all types and ages. The ultimate goal is to build better athletes and healthier people with function, fitness and food.

I've focused on health and fitness for a long time. Before New Earth came along, I had never seen or taken products that came close to comparing. My clients with digestive disorders have seen tremendous results. They have noticed differences with improved training intensity, muscle recovery and decreased joint pain. I have IBS and, since starting on Wild Essentials, I haven't had a problem! Years of training athletes have led to a lot of body aches and EDGE has eliminated 90 percent of that!

New Earth has given me hope for a world increasingly filled with disease."

Income Disclosure Statement: Between November 2018 and December 2019, 23% of new Associates earned commissions. For Associates who earned commissions, the average gross amount earned was $266. Of the new Associates who enrolled, 37% earned commissions within their first three months. Of those that earned commissions, the average earnings were $65.98.