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Mind: It’s Powerful And Exclusive

“Mind over matter.”

“Our lives are a creation of our minds.”

“It is the power of the mind to be unconquerable.”

If you have been on planet earth long enough then you have probably heard it all about the power of the mind. It could have been a teacher in school talking about life skills and the importance of a strong mind. Maybe you wandered onto a motivational speaker’s site online and picked up a thing or two. Or it could be that you are truly interested in the concept and actively sought out information about the power of the human mind.

Wherever it is that your interest started, one thing is for sure; there are all sorts of claims about the mind. These range from its influence on perspective to its ability to affect the physical body. And, while a lot of these are just theories and philosophies, it is difficult to ignore the effect that our minds have on our lives. It is a powerful tool that if you used right might just change your life.

The Power of the Human Mind

So what exactly is it that your mind can do for you? What is it that makes this mysterious facet of human life so important? Well, there has been a lot of research, both scientific and alternative on the power of the mind. And, if we were to list all the proposed powers of the mind you would be reading for a very long time. To make things easier for you, we have summarized some of the most important of these into key abilities.

1. The Ability to Control Mood and Feelings

Your thoughts and perspectives on life and what you go through may have an influence on your mood and feelings in general. A variety of research has been conducted with the goal of figuring out the relationship between how we think and our emotions. The general idea in most of these studies is the theory that our minds somehow affect neurotransmitters and hormones involved in mood and can shift the tide in any emotional direction.

2. The Ability to Endure

The mind has also been proposed to have an effect on human endurance in general. Again, it all boils down to perspective and will power. What you think about a certain situation will determine just how strong you are and how capable you are of dealing with it. However, the mind alone will not get you through the challenges as your body plays a huge role too. So no, you cannot climb an entire mountain or finish that spin class just because your mind wills you to.

3. The Ability to Create

The mind is responsible for imagination and creativity. This is one of the most celebrated of its powers and it’s not hard to see why. Look around you. From architecture and art to music and technology, there is endless proof of the power of the human mind.

4. The Ability to Promote Overall Wellness

No, this does not mean that your mind can literally heal your body. This is a controversial line of thought with a plethora of alternative medicine factions favoring the idea that healing starts in the mind. And, while research has been conducted on the matter, it is still not easy to definitively confirm or deny the claims.

However, it is still hailed as one of the most important abilities of the human mind. And with the effect of practices like yoga and meditation on health, it’s not so hard to understand the hype.

How to Harness and Maximize your Mind's Potential

So far one thing is clear; your mind has a great deal of potential to make a significant difference in your life. However, you have to be willing to put in the work to ensure that you nurture it and harness its full abilities. Here are a few methods you can utilize:

  • Meditation: This is without a doubt one of the best tools when it comes to harnessing the singular power of the mind. It’s amazing just how much of your brain and mind you can unlock by simply spending time with your thoughts in meditation. So try some yoga or just make time regularly to sit and reflect on your life and what you would like to feel.
  • Self-affirmation: Your mind tells you what to do and how to feel. But you can also do the same for your mind through self-affirmation. This is believed to work by repetitively reinforcing positive beliefs until they are accepted as truths. In a nutshell, it retrains your mind to think bigger and typically in a more positive light. This can be used for body image, accomplishing goals, and more.
  • Keep busy: An idle mind can very easily turn into a weak mind. So if you want to keep it strong and benefit from its abilities then do your best to keep busy. If you have an active schedule with work or other responsibilities then this might not be so hard. However, if this stimulation is not naturally included in your day, it would be in your best interest to make a deliberate effort to keep your mind active through brain exercises. This could be anything from puzzles to reading books.Catharsis: Another great avenue to strengthen the mind and get the most out of it is through catharsis. Talk about what you think. Write about what you feel. Share your experiences. This has a great effect when it comes to clearing the mind and exposing you to new, great perspectives.
  • General self-care: Finally, you can take care of your mind by taking care of your body. This includes eating right. A healthy balanced diet does wonders for the brain. Exercise also plays a part in a healthy mind. When you exercise endorphins that boost the overall abilities of the mind are produced.

Bonus Pro Tip: Supplement with crucial nutrients

There's no doubt that your mind is a powerful tool that is always working for you. Doesn’t it make sense to return the favor and do your part to support it? At New Earth, we think it does. In fact, we created an organic food-based supplement specifically designed to do just that.

Have you ever heard of Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA)? It’s a rare type of blue-green algae that contains an extraordinary nutrient profile. In fact, it’s a near-perfect food filled with all 20 standard amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, phenylethylamine (PEA), and antioxidant pigments phycocyanin and chlorophyll.

New Earth has taken this amazing food and removed the cell wall through an exclusive solvent-free (mechanical) process. This process exposes the heart of the Wild Microalgae® which contains different vitamins and minerals, phycocyanins, chlorophyll, and proteins. These nutrients are broken down during digestion and then become available for assimilation.

During this process, the nutrients are able to pass through a very important barrier called the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) allowing them to nourish the brain and the central nervous system. The BBB is formed by the brain capillary endothelial cells, a protective mechanism that limits or prevents dangerous substances from reaching the brain cells.

Put simply, this unique blue-green algae accompanied by New Earth’s proprietary process produces a whole food supplement that directly nourishes the brain. Mind, it’s a product you will not find anywhere else in the world.

Bottom Line

The mind is a powerful tool in your arsenal. It has the ability to change many aspects of your life from perspective to productivity. And, like any other tool out there it needs to be kept in great working condition. With all the information highlighted above, you should have an appreciation not only of the abilities of the human mind but also how to unlock them. Taking care of your mind, we call this living the #NewEarthLife.

About New Earth

At New Earth we are on a mission to positively impact the health of every body and soul we come in contact with. We specialize in producing third-party certified, organic whole food supplements including a variety of probiotics, and digestive support. Our supplements feature a rare, yet highly, nutritious superfood, Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA). Also known as Organic Wild Microalgae®, AFA is a unique type of blue-green algae that is available in many forms including algae tablets, algae pills, and algae powders all designed to help you on your journey to holistic wellness. The best part? We offer a 60-day money-back risk-free guarantee on all of our products. Visit our website to learn more.


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