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Crank Up Your Omega-3 Fatty Acid Intake

Just like other aspects of life, nutrition is about balance. You already know that it’s important to feed your body with plenty of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other nutrients. But what about fat?   

There’s a common belief that a healthy, balanced diet is one that includes very little, if any, fat. However, this is far from the truth. Don’t get us wrong, there are some types of fat that you’ll want to avoid, namely saturated fats. But your body needs unsaturated fats in order to function normally. These types of fats help give your body energy, support cell growth, and help your body absorb other vital nutrients. 

Your body is amazing and can synthesize many of the fats it needs from the foods you eat. However, it can’t do that for all of them. In fact, there are a few important types of fat that your body cannot produce on its own. These are known as Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs). Two of the most important EFAs are linoleic acid (omega-6) and alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3).  

Your Omega-6:Omega-3 Ratio

Once in the body, both omega-3 and omega-6 both undergo conversions into other acids, such as docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) or arachidonic acid (AA), before they are utilized by your body.  These conversion processes are reliant on specific enzymes, which both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids compete to use. This means when your diet is heavily packed with one kind, the other can be inhibited from accessing the enzymes and won’t be converted.  

All that to say, the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids in your body is important. Generally, it is believed that the optimal ratio is around 2:1, yet the diet of the average American adult is closer to a 15:1 ratio. This is mainly because omega-6 can be found in many of the meals we make, particularly those prepared using vegetable oils, while the opposite is true for omega-3. 

Why Your Body Needs Omega-3s

If your diet is anything like that of the average American, you now understand that you likely aren’t providing your body with enough omega-3s. But you may be wondering if this specific type of EFA is important enough to justify a change in your diet. The answer is yes. Your body needs a consistent supply of omega-3 fatty acids for a few reasons. 

The biggest reason is that they are essential to your overall health and wellbeing. They assist your body with the absorption of other vital nutrients like vitamins and minerals, and your body cannot produce them on its own. Essentially, they help your body ensure it has everything it needs to operate at its best.  But that’s not all they do. Omega-3s are also known to positively impact a number of your body’s organs and functions, such as your heart health, brain health, and immune response. 

Boosting Your Omega-3 Intake

There’s no doubt that omega-3 fatty acids are important, but how can you include more of them in your diet? The first step, of course, is eating plenty of foods that are rich in omega-3s. These foods include fish products like salmon, mackerel, and sardines, as well as plant-based sources like soybeans, walnuts, flaxseeds, and Chia seeds. 

If you find that adding these omega-3-rich foods to your diet is easier said than done, don’t worry. You can also get omega-3 fatty acids in supplement form. Not only can supplements help you boost your omega-3 intake, but they are also super convenient. Instead of searching the grocery store for the right combination of foods rich, all you have to do is remember to take your supplements each morning. 

Just keep in mind that not all supplements are created equal. Many supplements you see on the shelves are made with synthetic ingredients and contain unnecessary additives and fillers. You’ll be better off if you do your research beforehand and choose an all-natural, organic supplement instead. 

Turn to Organic Wild Microalgae for your Omega-3 Needs

If you are looking for an all-natural, whole foods supplement to help you boost your omega-3 intake, look no further than Mind from New Earth. This exclusive supplement contains organic Wild Microalgae®, which is a near-perfect superfood with an impressive nutrient profile. This rare form of blue-green algae contains both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in an ideal ratio. In addition to that, it also nourishes your body with amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. With all of those nutrients in a single capsule, Mind makes it easy to give your body the nourishment it needs. 

And the best part? You can put it to the test risk-free with our 60-day money-back guarantee

About New Earth

At New Earth we are on a mission to positively impact the health of every body and soul we come in contact with. We specialize in producing third-party certified, organic whole food supplements including a variety of probiotics, and digestive support. Our supplements feature a rare, yet highly, nutritious superfood, Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA). Also known as Organic Wild Microalgae®, AFA is a unique type of blue-green algae that is available in many forms including algae tablets, algae pills, and algae powders all designed to help you on your journey to holistic wellness. The best part? We offer a 60-day money-back risk-free guarantee on all of our products. Visit our website to learn more.


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